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Acura Auto Repair, Service, and Maintenance in Chicago

Acura Auto Repair, Service, and Maintenance in Chicago

Acura is Honda's luxury car brand that features robust and reliable cars. It's an authentic luxury brand that makes it stand out among the rest, with its performance on par with its elegant exterior and comfortable interior.

If you want your Acura to last long and stay in good shape, visiting Fred's Wrigleyville Garage in Chicago, IL, is your best choice. Fred's Garage provides affordable services from oil changes to repairs. Plus, each Acura mechanic in our company has the proper training, skills, knowledge, and certifications.
Acura: Safe and Beautiful Precision-Crafted Automobiles

Did you know that Acura is the first Japanese luxury carmaker to stake a claim on the market? Acura arrived in the US and Canada in 1986, and its success snowballed. The Acura Integra and Legend were the frontrunners in the luxury brand's climb to success.

Even today, these two Acura models remain legendary among luxury car brands. From the Integra and Legend models, the latest and best Acura lines now include the MDX Hybrid and NSX. The newer Acura cars use cutting-edge technology and modern designs to stay true to their prowess.

Why Do So Many People Want to Drive Acura Cars?

Many Acura models boast excellent performance. Even after years of use, Acura cars can still reach incredible speeds without losing reliability and stability. After all, Acura's have a bigger engine, more horsepower, and more torque. All are great reasons to get an Acura.

Another benefit of driving an Acura is that the brand has a reputation for being reliable. You can even buy an old Acura model and still enjoy its reliability.
For example, the Acura 2018 RDX SUV has an overall safety rating of five stars.

Durability is another side to a car's performance. The good news is that Acura's are also durable cars. An Acura can last up to 20 years or 300,000 miles if well cared for and with proper maintenance.

These are just a few reasons behind Acura's success in the market. Do you have another reason for choosing your Acura? Please share it with us when you visit Fred's Garage for your regular scheduled service.
We Provide Acura Repair and Maintenance Services on These Models

Whether you go to a local car parts store or you have just acquired your very own OBD2 scanner. Once you plug it right into the OBD port of your car and run the scan, the reader will return one or more trouble codes. If you are getting your check engine light scanned at a parts store or local shop, they should be able to tell you what they mean. If you are doing it yourself, you will have to research online. An excellent place to check your codes is
Exactly how do I shut off a check engine light?

Whether you've got the sedan, Considering the brand's long-standing history in the industry, it has already provided a wide range of car lines and series. Finding a car mechanic who can cater to your needs can be tricky if you have an older or the latest Acura model. Don't fret! Fred's Wrigleyville Garage provides specialized services for all Acura models.

The list below features some models that our mechanics specialize in maintaining and repairing:

  • Acura ILX

  • Acura TLX

  • Acura CDX

  • Acura RDX

  • Acura MDX

  • Acura NSX                                                                                                                                                            

SUV, or sports car, we've got you. Our expert technicians and mechanics are ready to inspect and service your vehicle. They can also work on older models with no problem.
Known Service Issues of Acura Car

Because of various factors such as the road, weather, wear and tear, and aging, problems affecting your Acura car are inescapable.
As experts on Acura maintenance and repairs, we've noticed the most common issues owners report. Below are some problems we often solve in our Garage:

  • Transmission issues, like a "jerkiness" when shifting between gears (often in TLX models)

  • Engine problems, like excessive oil consumption (often in TSX models)

  • Oil leaks

  • Poor acceleration

  • Faulty A/C

  • Parasitic draw and dead battery

Of course, you can lessen the chances of incurring these problems with proper maintenance and car care. But in case you're experiencing the same issues with your vehicle that many other drivers face, the best way to solve them is to go to a professional who knows the luxury brand best. Lucky for you, Fred's Wrigleyville Garage is one of Chicago's best Acura auto repair shops.

Recommended Acura Maintenance Work and Repair Services

Doing DIY maintenance on your Acura is risky. Remember that it's a luxury car with specific parts and unique systems. Plus, you don't want to risk breaking your Acura and unintentionally harming the car's other components.

Instead of doing something dangerous, check out Fred's Wrigleyville Garage. Our certified mechanics can provide affordable repairs and quality customer service. We offer the following specialized services for Acura cars:

  • Brake checks or inspections and repairs

  • Transmission and engine oil changes

  • AC inspection and repairs

  • Battery change and inspection

  • Tire rotation

  • Multi-point inspections

  • Cabin air filter replacement

  • Oil and air filter replacement

  • Brake fluid flushing and replacement

  • Spark plug inspection and replacement; and more

Is your Acura nearing the 7,500 or 15,000 mileage service interval? If it is, schedule your servicing with us now!


Do you still have questions about how your Acura maintenance or repairs? Do you want to know how often you need to get an oil change for your Acura? Here are our answers to those questions and more.

When should you bring your Acura to a mechanic for servicing?

105 Ideally, you want your Acura's maintenance to occur on the following mileages:

  • 75,000 miles

  • 15,000 miles

  • 30,000 miles

  • 45,000 miles

  • 60,000 miles

  • 75,000 miles

  • 90,000 miles

  • ,000 miles

Is Acura a high-maintenance brand?

Despite being a luxury car brand, Acura's aren't as high maintenance as its other competitors. An Acura ILX costs $435 to maintain per year, for example. This is also one of the reasons why Acura's are in-demand in the market. It's sleek, comfortable, reliable, and affordable.

How many miles can an Acura go between oil changes?

How often you get your oil changed for your Acura will depend on the weather and your driving habits. For example, get an oil change every 3,000 miles or less if you live in a cold climate and often use your Acura for short trips. If you frequently drive on a highway in warm temperatures, your Acura can go 12,000 miles before its next oil change.

Find a High-Quality Acura Repair and Maintenance Service in Chicago Today

Now, you know where you can get the best Acura servicing and repairs!

As we mentioned, please don't wait until it's too late to get your Acura to a mechanic. Always bring your Acura to experts like Fred's for frequent maintenance servicing. The more consistent you are with your Acura upkeep, the less you'll spend in the long run for repairs.

Contact us here at Fred's Wrigleyville Garage in Chicago, IL, to schedule repairs or service maintenance for your Acura vehicle.


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