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Catalytic Converter Theft On The Rise In Chicago, IL  

Is your car louder today than it was yesterday? Do you smell a strong odor of gas, or exhaust fumes inside your car? If you do, it might be your catalytic converter or more accurately, lack thereof. Recently in Chicago people have been reporting a lot of catalytic converter thefts.


Why are people steeling catalytic converters in Chicago?

Your catalytic converter contains precious metals like platinum and can be sold for $200 or more at a local metal recycling shop, or junk yard. Some thieves are even selling them online.

What is a catalytic converter?


The catalytic converter is an emission control device that takes toxic gases and fumes from your cars engine and converts them into less toxic gases and pollutants.

Is a catalytic converter necessary?

Yes. Not only is a catalytic converter necessary it has been legally required for all vehicles since 1974. A bad catalytic converter or one that is missing can cause serious damage to your engine not to mention pollute the air around you.

What happens if I do not fix my catalytic converter?

There are oxygen sensors before and after your catalytic converter. These sensors tell your car's computer how to mix the fuel and oxygen for your engine. Without a catalytic converter, the readings will be false, and your check engine light will come on and you could possibly do some serious damage to other components of your engine costing you a lot more money than what it would have cost you just to replace your catalytic converter. Not to mention the potential health and safety risks of having carbon monoxide fill your car's cabin.

What should I do if my catalytic converter gets stolen?


We recommend you do three things:

  1. Call the police and report the crime. (Yes, this is a crime).

  2. Take pictures of where your catalytic converter used to be and call your insurance company. You may have coverage that will pay in part the cost of replacement.

  3. Call us here at Fred's Wrigleyville Garage an auto repair and talk to one of our muffler and exhaust repair experts.

We do not recommend you driving the vehicle. Driving your vehicle without the converter can cause serious and expensive damage to your car.  And the carbon monoxide entering your vehicle is a personal health and safety risk. If your converter is missing or needs repair, call us, and we can arrange to have your vehicle towed to our shop where we can fix it for you.

If you have any questions or concerns about your vehicles muffler and exhaust system, please call the experts at Fred’s Wrigleyville Garage and Auto Repair, in Chicago, IL. Serving: 60613, 60614, 60618, and 60657




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