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Fixing the Car

Audi Auto Repair, Service, and Maintenance in Chicago

Audi Auto Repair, Service, and Maintenance in Chicago

Audi is one of the most popular and successful luxury car brands today. In 2020, Audi supplied over 186,000 vehicles to the US for sales. Despite being engineering marvels, all Audis need maintenance and repairs now and then. Here at Fred's Wrigleyville Garage, we offer some of Chicago's best Audi auto repair services.

Considering that Audi is a luxury car brand, we understand why Audi owners are meticulous maintenance. Our ASE Certified mechanics know what Audi vehicles need most in repairs and maintenance. Our mechanics have the necessary training, knowledge, and tools to ensure your Audi runs like new again.

Audi, the Brand of Design Perfection and Engineering Genius

Thanks to the brand's focus on their vehicles' safety and performance, Audi is one of the most sought-after car brands. Audi's customers can tell you a lot about the car's reliability on the road. As a product of German engineering, Audi cars have cutting-edge safety features and a steadfast design.

The brand has been creating cars for the racetrack for many years. To its credit, Audi has dominated the Le Man's endurance race for a decade already. The company also brings this power and safety to the roads through its lineup.

Another significant feature of Audi cars is how each one prioritizes comfort. Audi cars don't only excel under the hood but also in their interiors. The interior design includes comfortable seating, ergonomically designed controls, and superior materials.

When you're sitting in an Audi, you'll feel like you're sitting in your living room. Everything is intuitively within reach. Don't forget the timeless charm of the inlays and other touches. Even the leathers in Audi cars are of excellent quality, giving no odors.

The cherry on top is that Audi vehicles have a sleek, attractive, and classical look. You don't need to worry about your Audi looking out of place in a quickly shifting world. Even older models exude a look and feel that seems timeless and classical.

Other than Audi's rich history of creating high-value, high-quality luxury cars, these are the reasons why people buy Audis. Here at Fred's Wrigleyville Garage, we appreciate the beauty and brilliance of Audis. It's why we make sure we take good care of each Audi that comes into our garage.

We Offer Audi Repair Services for Various Audi Models

Audi is most famous for its superior sedans and SUVs. However, our Audi repair and maintenance services at Fred's extend beyond these cars. Our technicians have the certifications and training to work on the following models:

  • Audi Q3

  • Audi Q5

  • Audi Q7

  • Audi Q8

  • Audi E-Tron

  • Audi A3

  • Audi A4

  • Audi A5

  • Audi A6

  • Audi A7

  • Audi A8

  • Audi TT

  • Audi R8


Head to Fred's Wrigleyville Garage for all your Chicago Audi service repairs, maintenance work, and more. Our expert car technicians will solve your car problems, no matter the Audi model.

Known Service Issues of Audi Cars

Like all things, no auto brand is perfect. While Audi cars are reliable and have excellent quality, many Audi users still experience service issues. Below are the common problems of Audis based on experience and our observations:

Electrical Component Failure

One common issue with Audis is electrical component failure. We've had many clients come to us with failing digital dashboard displays. We've also fixed erratic lights, failed tail lamps, and console problems.

Our technicians can diagnose your cars to find electrical problems. Once we isolate the issue, we'll work on repairing it and any other underlying causes of your problems right away.

Exhaust Component Failure

Carbon can build up in your Audi's catalytic converter. When this occurs, your car may start emitting dark exhaust smoke or a sulfuric odor from the exhaust. You may also notice a sluggish engine performance and reduced acceleration.

Before we do anything to your catalytic converter, we check for the cause of its breakdown first. This way, we can ensure that we provide the correct solution.

Oil Leakage

Another common Audi issue is oil leakage. The cause often involves oil leaks from the valve cover gasket or the camshaft tensioner. If this is the issue with your Audi, we'll replace these parts for you. This way, you avoid leaving dark stains on your driveway.

These are only a handful of examples of Audi issues we often fix. Do you also experience these problems when you use your Audi? Fred's is the place to go. If you live in or near Chicago, IL, look for Fred's Wrigleyville Garage for a quick and affordable fix.


We Keep Your Audis in Good Shape with These Required Maintenance Checks

Are you a new car owner and Audi user? Fred's has you covered if you want to know where you should go for your Audi maintenance checks. Here are the services we offer to Audi owners:

System Inspections

We will inspect your brake and electrical systems. Doing this ensures that your car is safe to use and is in its best form. Having your Audi's systems checked regularly before a long drive is a great way to go on a safe trip.

Battery Check

You don't want to get stuck in the middle of a busy or deserted road with a dead battery. To keep this from happening, visit our store for regular battery checks. We can also help you replace or recharge your battery.

Electrical Systems Diagnostics and Repair

Electrical systems are critical parts of the modern car, including Audis. We've got the necessary diagnostics tools to get you an accurate reading of your systems at Fred's. If we see that anything is off, we'll fix it right away for you.

Engine Repair

Does your Audi have a diesel engine or the newer turbocharged water-cooled engine? Whichever one your Audi uses, we offer complete engine repair services for it. We cover everything from general engine problems to more specific Audi engine issues.

Brake Service

Having your brakes checked frequently is critical for your safety. At Fred's, we can ensure your peace of mind and comfort on the road with our brake checks and repair services.

Full-Service Oil Change

Is it time for your yearly oil change? You know it's time for an oil change if your oil looks dark and has a silt-like viscosity. You can also check your oil light or engine light. If the time has come, visit Fred's at Wrigleyville, Chicago.

We use only high-quality or synthetic motor oil to extend the life of your engine and lessen friction. Our oil change service includes changing out old and worn components and repairs.


Here are the questions we often get regarding Audi maintenance and repair services.

Are Audis expensive to maintain or repair?

Yes, maintaining an Audi can be expensive. The total repair cost of an average Audi over ten years is $12,400. Compared to Toyota, Honda, and Ford, Audis are expensive vehicles to maintain.

How often should Audi owners maintain their cars?

Visit Fred's Wrigleyville Garage for minor maintenance checks every 10,000 miles or one year. The standard maintenance checks for your Audi should occur every two years or per 20,000 miles. Are you ready to have your Audi maintained? At Fred's Wrigleyville Garage, our ASE-certified mechanics can provide expert-level service, maintenance, and repairs for your Audi..=

Get the Best Audi Repair and Maintenance Service in Chicago Now

We hope that this guide on Audi cars has helped you.

Are you ready to bring your Audi to us for maintenance or repairs?

To schedule Service maintenance or repairs for your Audi, contact us at Fred's Wrigleyville Garage in Chicago, IL.



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